Watch "Snow Angels"

Writer's Notes
What is your play about?

In Snow Angels, two best friends while away time in detention after school, before one drops a bombshell on the other.

Why did you write it?

I was initially inspired to write Snow Angels because of a metallic angel sculpture I found at a curio shop. She looked sad, trying to hide her light. And it reminded me of a character I'd written in another piece, Last Call, that featured the angel Phanuel, who had walked away from heaven. While Phanuel does not make an appearance in this story, she is name checked and is a catalyst for the story.

How does your show uniquely plays with a sense of place, given that this is a virtual festival.

Detention is isolation on its own, and the immediacy and isolation provided by Zoom make it the ideal environment for this story.

Meet the Cast & Crew

Lucy Sanci

Lucy has been an actor for as long as she can remember.  It all started with the role of Kid Four in Dear Edwina, back in middle school, and she hasn't looked back since! She just graduated from Long Island University, with a BFA in Musical Theatre, and is excited to be back in Canada to start on this new chapter in her life. 

Some recent credits include Dale Harding (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Master Secretary (The Bonds of Interest), and Ensemble/Deviser (It Takes A Moment). 

She has had so much fun working with the Northumberland Players and getting to know some amazing people from all over Canada.  She thanks Paul Koster and Sofia Eidsath for these amazing few weeks and she hopes you enjoy the show.

Sofia Eidsath

Sofia is a transplanted American from Washington DC. Her interest in theater was peaked while taking a class at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland.

After moving to Canada, she took a masterclass in improv comedy, and proceeded to perform improv for the next 3 years. She has acted in several Internet videos (Including her youtube parody channel: SofiaDoesParodies), music videos, advertisements, and done background for numerous television shows. Most recently you can see her starring in the music video for Brigade by Basic White.

Being relatively new to the theatre scene, her past credits include Lucy in Dirt (Tinkerspace Theatre) Alex in Knowing You (London Fringe 2019), and Hipbonesrule/Susie in Weight (Tinkerspace Theatre).

She is so excited to be a part of the Northumberland Players Summer Shorts, and continues to be eternally grateful for her fiancé Andrew, and her two cats for keeping her somewhat sane.

Paul Koster

Paul Koster is a Toronto playwright mostly associated with comedic work. His Peter Pan-Law & Order mash-up, The State of New York v Peter Pan, was a top three pick by the Ontario Arts Review at the 2010 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

He’s been a co-collaborator with The Canadian Space Opera Company (Peril from Beyond Space!, Gravestone Posse, Casa de los Fantasmas) since 2002, and in 2012 debuted their 6 episode radio show, Radio Brain Freeze, on University of Toronto’s 89.5 CIUT.FM station. A Song for Rachel was selected and dramaturged by Ron Cameron Lewis, and subsequently received a staged reading at the 2014 Writers’ Springboard in Aurora, Ontario. In 2019 he debuted The Promised Land, an homage to film noir, at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

Of late he has been concentrating on short plays, and is thrilled to be showcasing Snow Angels at the Northumberland Players Summer Shorts Festival.

Paul realized he wanted to be a playwright after an internship during high school at his weekly local newspaper, The Scarborough Mirror. (It was easier than conducting an interview with Ford Model Winner Monika Schnarre from a telephone booth at The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York).1,2 He cut his teeth on character, dialogue and narrative during a decade of improv performing with Theatresports Toronto and a MasterClass with Allan Guttman and Bruce Hunter.

1 This actually happened.

2 Paul was nominated for an award for the subsequent article.