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Show Notes

Mosquito is a play about identity, self-acceptance and camping. While sleeping in a tent on a camping trip, a therapist is interrupted by a prospective client… who happens to be a mosquito. The mosquito wants to give up drinking blood, the therapist’s husband wants to deal with the mosquito and get back to sleep, and the therapist just wants everybody to feel good about themselves.

“The idea came to me while walking my dog on a particularly buggy morning,” says playwright Rob Riendeau. “I just had this flash of an absurd conversation between a mosquito dealing with their addiction to blood in a psychotherapist’s office. When I brought the idea to my wife, Kris Riendeau, who is an accomplished theatre director, she let me know that I was on to something. From there it was just a matter of letting the characters talk to each other in my head and writing down the funny bits.”

Over the course of developing the script, the action moved from a therapist’s office to a tent on a
campsite which seems to be a locale that most Canadians can relate to. The confined feeling of virtual theatre in the age of Zoom really captures the feeling of being trapped in a tent with a mosquito!

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Meet the Cast & Crew

Lisa Leroux (Zoe)

Alex Stamp (Dave)
Emily Graham (Sarah)

Kris Riendeau (Director)
Rob Riendeau (Writer)