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Writer's Notes

While sitting in the backyard one day, I noticed how unusually loud the birds where. I also noticed that they were really chatting to each other. What do they talk about? What would they say if they could speak to us? Well that was it, the mind started to wander! Questions were asked, you know the usual ones; Who, What, Where, When, and Why. "Arthur J. Peabody" flowed out of me from start to finish in one sitting with no rewrites.  

I tried to dig a little deeper once it was complete and wondered if there was any underlying story or social statement being made. Nope! I wondered if it was making a statement about Covid and being all cooped up having to live vicariously through a little birds’ travels. Nope! It is just a really cute, loveable story about a girl who meets a talking bird. Lol.  What a lovely talking bird he is too!  

I am truly thankful to Desmond Baxter who brought Arthur to life first reading, giving the short wings to fly! Corny? I know, but it’s true. He is marvelous! Victoria Laughlin, brings lovely innocence and old world charm in her role as Jamima. Kelly McDowell, if beautiful as the mother. I am grateful to this cast for their complete dedication to the project, to me and my vision. Thank you xoxo.

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Meet the Cast & Crew

Desmond Baxter (Arthur J. Peabody)

Desmond's love of acting and theatre pretty much began in his very early teens. He was pretty much a class and soon a school clown, performing in many school plays but as an adult life took over and he didn't get back to theatre till later on in life!

Desmond has been performing in live theatre for the past 14yrs, performing in dramas, pantomimes, comedies, and more so musical theater.  He has played all of his dream roles and has performed in more than 40 productions. As of late he has joined a dance troupe and has performed at many social and private functions!

He is thrilled to perform for you now as ARTHUR J. PEABODY a worldly travelling talking bird! He hopes you enjoy this charming little story! Enjoy and imagine!

Victoria Laughlin (Jamima)

Victoria is a recent graduate of Randolph College for the Performing Arts. She has been performing since the age of 9.  Credits include: Randolph College – Mallory/Avril (City of Angels), Young Friend (More Light), Theatre Orangeville Young Company -Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast), Elsa (Sound of Music), Little Red (Into The Woods Jr.), Mr. Mayor (Seussical) Orangeville Music Theatre - Patty Simcox (Grease), Duffy (Annie), Beth Bradley (Best Christmas Pageant Ever), Brampton Music Theatre - Ensemble (Les Miserables), Francesca (Westside Story) Marques Theatrical Productions (Newmarket) - Louisa (Sound of Music), Wavestage (Newmarket) - Little Red (Into The Woods), Drayton Entertainment – Ensemble (Aladdin The Panto). 

She was a member of the TOYS Chamber Choir for 3 years and has taken Vocal Lessons for 11 years, competing in many festivals. She has also been part of a school theatre travelling company and has taught theatre in an elementary school.

Since her graduation in August from Randolph College she has completed a performance contract with Canada’s Wonderland and represented Randolph College at the Next Generations Showcase, Toronto.

When COVID 19 put the breaks on theatre she began to co-create online theatrical content and opportunities for herself and fellow artists. She looks forward to getting back to live performance but is very grateful for the technology that makes it possible to continue to work on her craft and stay connected with like minded people.

Kelly McDowell (Mother)

Kelly McDowell grew up in theatre competing in various festivals. Years later, as an adult, she renewed her passion in theatre, and now film as well. Kelly has over 10 years theatre experience which is now highlighted by both feature length and short film experience.

McDowell enjoys the arts and immerses herself in painting and singing. List of credits can be found at:

Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin (Writer/Director)

Amanda has been involved in theatre in one capacity or another for most of her life. She has been on stage in various roles dramatic, comedic, or musical. She has worked behind the scenes creating props, costumes, advertising, stage management, assistant stage management, directing. She has sat on Orangeville Music Theatre’s Board for the last 12 years. 

She has been writing for quite some time but usually poetry or short stories, recently she began to write plays. "Arthur J. Peabody"is the first one that she has shared. She hopes you enjoy it!