The Stars on Her Shoulders: a Staged Play Reading

By Stephen Massicotte

Produced by Jack Boyagian | Directed by Paula Worley

 Le Tréport, France, first week of June, 1918. A group of Nursing Sisters, Canadian Army Medical Corps, arrives at a hospital farther behind the lines. They’re ordered to convalesce from fatigue and the various wounds suffered in the recent bombing of their own hospital nearer the front, in which 32 were killed—including three of their number. 

When the news arrives that two of the Sisters will receive the Military Medal for their bravery on the night of the bombing, a controversy arises. Nursing Sisters of the CAMC are officers, and therefore the appropriate decoration isn’t the MM, but the Military Cross. The suffragette of the group protests and a campaign to be awarded the MC begins. While awaiting the ruling from General Headquarters and their new postings, the women (unaccustomed to idleness) try in vain to rest. Together they confront the effects of their wounds (both physical and mental) on their damaged ideals and beliefs, their grief, and their ability to salvage hope in their lives. 

Performances of the play-reading are in the Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, Cobourg.

The Stars on Her Shoulders is presented by special arrangement with Stephen Massicotte.

Oct. 18, 20, Nov. 8, 2018, at 8:00 pm

Nov. 4, 10, 2018, at 3:00 pm

Tickets: $17.00 (+handling) Call 905-372-2210 or 1-855-372-2210 or purchase online at

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