by William Shakespeare

Produced by Adrian Worley | Directed by Paula Worley

Murder and immorality, a witches’ incantation, “Double, double, toil and trouble”, and a famous sleepwalking Lady, all combine in William Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Macbeth, to create one of the most powerful accounts ever written on the corrupting effect of unfettered ambition. The “Scottish play”, whose title we dare not utter backstage, forces us to face our inability—the inability of our greatest playwright even—to define and confine the felt reality of evil.

Macbeth was performed for secondary student audiences from across Northumberland County. The director and actors were available for discussion after the show, with a lot of questions about acting, especially in community theatre, about performing Shakespeare, and about “the head”. Curriculum-based resources were available for teachers.

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For more information about the cast and crew of this production, download Macbeth Program.

The Dress Rehearsal

Emma Clarke, Paulina Beaney, and Catherine MartinEmma Clarke, Paulina Beaney, and Catherine Martin as the Weird Sisters


Dave Clark as Macbeth and Tiffany Wolters as Lady Macbeth

Jody Ledgerwood as Siward

Dave Clark as Macbeth and Shane McGowan as Young Siward

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