Today is the Canada Wide Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community

Tonight we light up the Firehall Theatre!

Live events are a $100 billion industry in Canada and employ 1 million Canadians (not to mention all of the volunteers!), and much of this industry has been shuttered by COVID-19. An hour after sundown tonight, September 22, the Firehall Theatre will be lit in red in recognition of the people who create, produce, and support live events across the country.

We’d like to ask all of our volunteers, patrons, and supporters to consider taking a “red selfie” today, posting it to social media, and tagging us and #LightUpLive.

What is a “red selfie”, you ask? Take a picture of yourself and make it red! Red clothes, red lighting, red costume makeup, a red backdrop… maybe your favourite theatre picture with a red filter over it… whatever you want!

Visit to learn more about the Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community, check out the venues and stories of those participating, and take a spin by the Firehall tonight!