“The minute I got there – wham!!” – Jamie Hunt on playing Roy

It has been said that you never miss something until it’s gone. 

Four years ago, I was tired of the process of theatre – the auditions, the rehearsals, the line runs, the time commitment. I still loved being on stage, but the steps in between had lost their magic. 

When Northumberland Players decided to present summer theatre, I was reluctant to get involved, but as Roy says – the minute I got there – wham!!!  I realized how much I had missed the camaraderie, the interaction, the exchange of ideas in a creative setting.  I had missed the people and the process of bringing a story to life. 

Thank you to Matt, Kate, Garret, Ian, Jim and my wife Beth for giving me this opportunity to fall in love with theatre all over again.  I am so grateful for the chance to bring Roy, in all his complicated glory, to the stage.  I hope you enjoy watching Lone Star as much as I have enjoyed the process.

The last show of the Summer Pop Up Theatre Project, Lone Star runs September 17 – 26 at the Lions & Lioness Pavilion in Victoria Park. Get your tickets now!

Jamie Hunt, right, plays Roy in Lone Star