Void? What Void? (Diary of an Empty Nester)


Season: 2023-2024
Opening Date: April 5, 2024
Venue(s): Firehall Theatre

Written by Heather Jopling

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Cast MemberRole
Heather Jopling Heather

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Kim Brouwer Dramaturgy
Mary Ellis Dramaturgy
David Hoare Dramaturgy
Beth Hunt Voice Overs
Gil Osborne Voice Overs
Birgitte Solem Voice Overs
Rissa Jopling Voice Overs
Carolyn Jopling Voice Overs
David Hoare Voice Overs
Ian Slessor Voice Overs
Margo MacDonald Voice Overs
Heather Jopling Voice Overs
Jessica Allossery Featured Music (My Little Girl)
Jack Boyagian Producer
Big Red Productions Producer
David Hoare Director
Heather Jopling Director
David Hoare Stage Manager
Dawn Campbell Assistant Stage Manager
Katie Burnham Assistant Stage Manager
Rissa Jopling Movement Consultant
Steafan Hannigan Instrument Consultant
Lauren Page Russell Graphic Design
Honor Sylvester Photography
Luke Paron Photography
Lorol Avery Props
David Hoare Props
Jennie Ryan Props
Heather Jopling Costumes
Lynne Templer Costumes
David Hoare Set Design
Set Builder
Heather Jopling Set Design
Set Builder
Hsiu Liao Set Painting
Claire Rowett Set Painting
Kaye Torrie Front of House Manager
Doreen Allan Front of House
Jennifer Darrell Front of House
Kimberly Ellery Front of House
Jody Forsyth Front of House
Ken Forsyth Front of House
Jean Gardner Front of House
Andrea Gibson Front of House
Lisa Kapp Front of House
Deirdre McIntosh Front of House
Carolyn Wilcox Front of House
Lynn Wilcox Front of House
Valerie Russell Marketing
Jack Boyagian Radio Marketing
Ian Everdell Website & Social Media
Jack Boyagian Poster Distribution
Valerie Russell Poster Distribution
Allena Godfrey Poster Distribution
Leslee Argue Treasurer
Budget Control
Jamie Finan Treasurer
Budget Control
Other Media
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