Season: 2007-2008
Opening Date: February 29, 2008
Venue(s): Capitol Theatre

Book by Greg Kotis
Music by Mark Hollmann
Lyrics by Mark Hollmann | Greg Kotis

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Cast MemberRole
Mark Chard Workman/ Mr. McQueen/ Boy Cop
Ian Winter Workman/ Senator Fipp/ Roger Roosevelt
George Schollan Workman/ UGC Executive
Neil Torrie Officer Barrel
Darren Strongman Officer Lockstock
Lisa Heitzner Penelope Pennywise/ Girl Cop
Michael Lombo Bobby Strong
Lindsay Obrist Little Sally
Lindy Moses Hope Cladwell
Rodger Henderson Old Man Strong/ Dr. Billeaux
Brendan Macdonald Tiny Tom/ Boy Cop
Meaghan Macdonald Soupy Sue/ Cladwell Girl
Ryan Elliott Robby the Stockfish/ Boy Cop
Shannon Oliver Little Beck Two Shoes/ Girl Cop
Clive Carter Hot Blades Harry
Susan Amos Hop-along Harriet/ Mrs. Millenium
Clarke German Billy Boy Bill/ UGC Executive
Kate Weygang Shy Pushover
Taelor Dunn Candy Cotton/ Cladwell Girl
Madison Chard Raggedy Rhonda/ Cladwell Girl/ Julie Cassidy
Cathy Obrist Josephine Strong/ Girl Cop
Dave Glover Caldwell B. Cladwell

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Michael Lombo Producer
Dance Captain
Jack Boyagian Director
Marion Griffin Musical Director
Alina Adjemian Choreographer
Lynne McCall Stage Manager
Cyd Deming Costume Design
Costume Mistress
Lauren Page Russell Set Painting
David Hoare Lighting Design
Andy Thompson Sound Design
Nick DeSalvo Sound Technician
Victor Baitley Properties
Rebecca May Makeup Design
Hair Design
Cyd Deming Hair Design
Michelle Spagnolo Hair Design
Mary Elizabeth Clark Assistant to the Producer
Kevin Ward Assistant Stage Manager
Cathy Nevin Assistant Stage Manager
Nancy Kerr Seamstress
Maureen Holloway Seamstress
Whitney Lake Dresser
Lolly Prinzen Dresser
Mary Kahn Dresser
Linda Hunter Dresser
Catherine Ford Dresser
Bettina Brown Dresser
Sharon Rathbone Dresser
Susanne Pacey Dresser
Mary Elizabeth Clark Dresser
Garth Holloway Set Carpenter
Set Construction
Ken MacDonald Set Carpenter
Set Construction
Tony Walker Set Carpenter
Set Construction
Borden Taylor Set Carpenter
Set Construction
Sebastian Reisch Set Carpenter
Set Construction
John Nevin Set Construction
Cam Perrault Set Construction
Don Young Set Construction
John Matthew Set Construction
Felicity Corelli Props Assistant
Cathy Nevin Props Assistant
Chris Nevin Props Master
Heather MacMillan Go Button
Ellen Torrie Follow Spot Operator
Adam Bates Follow Spot Operator
Cecilia Derry Follow Spot Operator
Hailey Knight Makeup Assistant
Sue Glover Makeup Assistant
Jaclyn Hayes Makeup Assistant
Sarah Hogg Makeup Assistant
Greg Curtis Poster & Program Design
Gerald Taylor Photography


Band MemberRole
Marion Griffin Conductor
Caitlin Hayes Keyboard
Frank Gallimore Woodwinds
Don Dawson Trombone
Tyson Galloway Bass
Jill Baker Percussion
Tom Hall Percussion