Trial By Jury

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Season: 1997-1998
Opening Night: May 19, 1986
Venue: Bailey Court Room, Victoria Hall
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Music By Arthur Sullivan
Written By W.S. Gilbert

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Cast MemberRole
Keith Pickett The Learned Judge
Wendy Haigh The Plaintiff
Hugh Stewart The Defendant
John Hubicki Counsel for the Plaintiff
David Bryson The Usher
John Clayson Foreman of the Jury
Mac Dallman Foreman of the Jury
Wayne Dorrington Gentlemen of the Jury
Gord March Gentlemen of the Jury
Gord Glenn Gentlemen of the Jury
John Beauchamp Gentlemen of the Jury
Werner Taxis Gentlemen of the Jury
Jerry Blackburn Gentlemen of the Jury
Brant Fotheringham Gentlemen of the Jury
Anna Bonter Maid of Honour
Ghyslaine Gatien Bridesmaids
Julie Zarboni Bridesmaids
Erin Birney Bridesmaids
Helen Lapierre Mother of the Bride
Pat Crimmins Sisters of the Bride
Marion Blackburn Sisters of the Bride
Loren Macklin Train Bearer
Jennifer Blackburn Flower Girls
Anna Doubt Flower Girls
Marg Guy Members of the Public
Joan Macklin Members of the Public
Janie Wiles Members of the Public
Wendy Taxis Members of the Public
Claire Desormeaux Members of the Public
Barb Birney Members of the Public
Jodi Tresidder Members of the Public
Carol Tresidder Members of the Public
Debbie Bailey Members of the Public
Debbie Giroux Members of the Public
Margaret Clarke Members of the Public
Sharon McNaught Members of the Public
Bridgid Kenny Members of the Public
Graham Henderson Court Recorder
Mark Taxis Police Sergeant
Craig Dallman Children
Jerry Blackburn Children
Shane McNaught Children
Andrew Wiles Children
Blair McNaught Children
Ian Desormeaux Children
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Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Ruth Harcourt Director
Al Blair Producer
Lorna Doubt Accompanist
Anne Wilson Stage Manager
Ardyth Goldstein Costume Design
Pat Gahagan Lighting
Janis Tanner Props
Pat Crimmins Makeup
Cathy Husing Program
Paul Shearer Theatrical Apprentice
Lynne Templer Costume Assistants
Trish Daly Costume Assistants
Beth Goldring Costume Assistants
Uta Webster Setup & Running Crew
Haly Bevan Setup & Running Crew
Ada Lelliot Setup & Running Crew
John Winkworth Setup & Running Crew
Betty Klodt Setup & Running Crew
Shirley Parker Setup & Running Crew
Brad Gahagan Setup & Running Crew
Steven Doubt Setup & Running Crew
Dorothy Ogilvie Setup & Running Crew
Lynda Oliver Setup & Running Crew


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