The Melville Boys (2024)


Season: 2023-2024
Opening Date: January 19, 2024
Venue(s): Best Western Plus Cobourg Inn & Convention Centre

By Norm Foster

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Cast MemberRole
Josh Lambert Owen
Jim McLaughlin Lee
Colleen Lewis Mary
Emily Wilkinson Loretta

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Catherine Holland Producer
Stage Manager
Sound Operator
Jack Boyagian Director
Set Design
Radio and Sponsors
Fran Martin Assistant Stage Manager
Props Master
Lynn Wilcox Assistant Stage Manager
Props Master
Lee Wakelin Set Dresser
Ward McCance Lighting Design
Lighting Operator
Victor Svenningson Sound Design
Estelle Cortesis Costume Design
Paul Herron Lead Builder
Claire Rowett Set Painting (Lead)
Madaleine Nelson Hair and Makeup
Ward McCance Lighting Hang
Victor Svenningson Lighting Hang
Greg MacPherson Lighting Hang
David Hoare Lighting Hang
Jack Boyagian Lighting Hang
Victor Svenningson Sound Setup
John Geloso Sound Setup
Paul Herron Set Builder
Jack Boyagian Set Builder
Frank Burns Set Builder
Rick Hoogsteen Set Builder
Jim Abbott Set Builder
John Geloso Set Builder
Bill Reid Set Builder
Joe Halliwushka Set Builder
David Bryson Set Builder
Scott Taylor Set Builder
Douglas Watson Set Builder
Scott Moddle Set Builder
Paul Herron Set Construction (Lead)
Rick Hoogsteen Set Construction
John Geloso Set Construction
Joe Halliwushka Set Construction
Jim Abbott Set Construction
Claire Rowett Set Painting
Elaine Rostetter-Saunders Set Painting
Tori Geloso Set Painting
Trish Graham Set Painting
Glenis Burnie Set Painting
Lee Wakelin Set Painting
David Hutzel Sound Crew
John Geloso Sound Crew
Sherwood McLernon Photography
Honor Sylvester Photography
Victor Svenningson Photography
Leslee Argue Finance
Jamie Finan Finance
Valerie Russell Marketing
Ian Everdell Website & Social Media
Lauren Page Russell Graphic Design
John Geloso Loader
Tori Geloso Loader
Don Mann Loader
Paul Herron Loader
Katie Burnham Loader
Lucy Caldwell Loader
Mark Chard Loader
Josh Lambert Loader
Derrick Cunningham Loader
Rick Hoogsteen Loader
Rick Stevenson Loader
Frank Burns Loader
Bill Reid Loader
Anne-Marie Bouthillette Loader
Greg Curtis Loader
Jack Boyagian Loader
Catherine Holland Loader
Evan Soutter Loader
Marley Soutter Loader
Nora Soutter Loader
Fran Martin Loader
Colleen Lewis Loader
Jim McLaughlin Loader
Ian Slessor Loader
Dean Smith Loader
Meaghan Macdonald Loader
Kaye Torrie 50/50 Co-ordinator
Solveig Barber 50/50 Volunteer
Neil Torrie 50/50 Volunteer
Kate Blundell 50/50 Volunteer
Matt Blundell 50/50 Volunteer
Jamie Finan 50/50 Volunteer
Jim Finan 50/50 Volunteer
Jennifer Darrell 50/50 Volunteer
Elaine Rostetter-Saunders 50/50 Volunteer
Lee Wakelin 50/50 Volunteer
David Didur 50/50 Volunteer
Brenda Worsnop 50/50 Volunteer
Chris Worsnop 50/50 Volunteer
Jean Gardner 50/50 Volunteer
Laura Garton 50/50 Volunteer
Frank Burns 50/50 Volunteer
Barbara Swallow 50/50 Volunteer
Ron Swallow 50/50 Volunteer


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