Little Shop of Horrors


Season: 1990-1991
Opening Date: February 21, 1991
Venue(s): Concert Hall at Victoria Hall

Music by Alan Menken
Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Based on the film by Roger Corman
Screenplay by Charles Griffith

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Cast MemberRole
Dan Kapp Seymour
Mary Schultz Audrey
Ross Johnson Mr. Mushnik
Tim Russell Orin
Pat Crimmins Crystal
Cyndi Westra Ronnette
Catherine Ford Chiffon
Bill Netherton The Plant (Audrey II)
Chris Snell Voice of the Plant
Chris Davies Derelict, Bernstein, Snip, Luce and everyone else

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Valerie Russell Director
Carole Tresidder Producer
Norma Schultz Assistant to the Producer
Chris Snell Musical Director
Lorna Doubt Rehearsal Pianist
Cyndi Westra Choreographer
Terry Sutcliffe Stage Manager
Valerie Procktor Assistant Stage Manager
Laura McCracken Stage Crew
Andy Procktor Stage Crew
Cheryl Brackenbury Stage Crew
Jim Doubt Stage Crew
Phyllis Broome Stage Crew
Miriam Mutton Stage Crew
Cori Arthur Stage Crew
Lise Ratte Stage Crew
Dan Goldring Set Design
Scott Berry Set Design
David Lester Set Construction
Ross Tresidder Set Construction
Rosey Bateman Set Construction
Ken Halligan Set Construction
Noel Milner Set Construction
Paul Caldwell Set Construction
Ryan Tresidder Set Construction
Ted Goldring Set Construction
Paul Godawa Assistant to Audrey II
Beth Goldring Set Decoration
Al Blair Lighting/Sound Design
Christopher Sharp Lighting/Sound Crew
J. Arthur Middleton Lighting/Sound Crew
Anne Wilson Lighting/Sound Crew
Al Blair Lighting/Sound Crew
Lynne McCall Costume Design
Margo Carkner Costume Design
Diane Saunders Costume Construction
Beth Goldring Costume Construction
Nancy Lester Costume Construction
Helen Tresidder Costume Construction
Jayne Fraser Costume Construction
Verna Templer Costume Construction
Eileen Wilkinson Costume Construction
Muriel White Hair and Makeup Design
Marg Godawa Hair and Makeup Assistant
Jessica Gardiner Hair and Makeup Assistant
Pat Sinclair Hair and Makeup Assistant
Valerie Procktor Hair and Makeup Assistant
Heather Spurll Hair and Makeup Assistant
Tony Palazzo Hair and Makeup Assistant
Ene Milner Properties
Betty Sterling Properties
Judy Weller Properties
Miriam Mutton Poster
Jodi Tresidder Publicity
Shelley Netherton Publicity
Cheryl Brackenbury Publicity
Ron Templer Photography
Nancy Lester Program
Allison Blair Treasurer
Allison Blair Box Office Staff
Dorothy Ogilvie Box Office Staff
Verna Templer Box Office Staff
Eileen Wilkinson Box Office Staff
Jan Howieson Box Office Staff
Carole Tresidder Box Office Staff
Al Blair Box Office Staff
Verna Templer Front of House Manager
Eileen Wilkinson Front of House
Dorothy Ogilvie Front of House
Alison Lester Front of House
Nancy Lester Front of House
Ian Winter Front of House
Joanne Winter Front of House
Ron Templer Front of House
Marrion Johnston Front of House
Beth Goldring Front of House
Dan Goldring Front of House
Joan Johnson Front of House
Alf Crimmins Front of House
Allison Blair Front of House
Cindy Henderson Front of House


Band MemberRole
Jim Henderson Guitar
John Armstrong Drums
Lorna Doubt Piano
Stephen Doubt Keyboard
Shaun Williams Bass
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