Season: 2019-2020
Opening Date: February 21, 2020
Venue(s): Cameco Capitol Arts Centre

Book by Fred Ebb | Bob Fosse
Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Based on a play by Maurine Dallas Watkins
Adaptation by David Thompson

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Cast MemberRole
Claire Russell Roxie Hart
Tanya Wills Velma Kelly
Hudson Scott Amos Hart
Stephen Koshurba Billy Flynn
Heather Jopling Matron
April Corning Matron
Marley Soutter Mary Sunshine
Nelia Amaro Ensemble
Eden Cairns Ensemble
Lucy Caldwell Ensemble
Ali Callahan Ensemble
Ricardo Canlas Ensemble
Diana Carr Ensemble
Mark Chard Ensemble
Anthea Goodwin Ensemble
Pavanne Hawkes Ensemble
Cara Jack Ensemble
Ashley Larrimore Ensemble
Meaghan Macdonald Ensemble
Craig A.A. Martin Ensemble
Graeme Murphy Ensemble
Ian Slessor Ensemble
Evan Soutter Ensemble
Caroline Taylor Ensemble

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Leslee Argue Producer
Jack Boyagian Director
Marie Anderson Vocal Director
Alina Adjemian Choreographer
Cyndi Langford Assistant Choreographer
Meaghan Macdonald Dance Captain
Stephen Koshurba Tap Choreography
Cyndi Langford Stage Manager
Jamie Finan Assistant Stage Manager
Jody Ledgerwood Assistant Stage Manager
Kelly Paron Mic Handler
Back Up Assistant Stage Manager
Jennie Ryan Properties
Will Ryan Props Assistant
Leslee Argue Props Assistant
Sharon Anderson Props Assistant
Jamie Finan Props Assistant
Lauren Page Russell Props Assistant
Jim Finan Projections
Set Design
Jan Crane Set Design
Jim Abbott Set Construction (Lead)
Set Moving
Set Builder
Frank Burns Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Jim Finan Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Shawn Albright Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Jack Boyagian Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Paul Herron Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Scott Moddle Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Jamie Spereman Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
David McTavish Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
John Forder Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Victor Svenningson Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Mark Chard Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Ian Slessor Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Ian Everdell Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Ken MacDonald Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Tony Walker Set Construction
Set Moving
Set Builder
Jody Ledgerwood Set Painting (Lead)
Cyndi Langford Set Painting
Jamie Finan Set Painting
Lee Wakelin Set Painting
Helga Muscheid Set Painting
Jack Boyagian Set Painting
David Scott Lighting Design
Andy Thompson Sound Design
Ann Hancock Costume Design
Erin Martin Hair Design
Erin Daly Makeup Design
Mary Smith Makeup Design
Melissa Thatcher Makeup Design
Bruce McGregor Rehearsal Pianist
Brenda Scott Rehearsal Pianist
Jamie Hunt Magic Coach
Sharon Anderson Costume Assistant
Jamie Finan Costume Assistant
Carlotta Rutledge Costume Assistant
Gerry Watson Costume Assistant
Solveig Barber Dresser
Anne Burnham Dresser
Lee Wakelin Dresser
Lydia Amaro Makeup Assistant
Jennifer Duval Makeup Assistant
Madaleine Nelson Makeup Assistant
Jennie Ryan Makeup Assistant
Jamie Finan Makeup Assistant
Valerie Russell Hair Stylist
Eden Cairns Hair Stylist
Lydia Amaro Hair Stylist
Jennifer Duval Hair Stylist
Jennie Ryan Hair Stylist
Curtis Sisler Light Installation Crew
David Hoare Light Installation Crew
Victor Svenningson Light Installation Crew
Matt Blundell Light Installation Crew
Gwen Coleman Light Installation Crew
Tim Russell Light Installation Crew
Jim Finan Go Button
Alexia Boyagian Follow Spot Operator
Curtis Sisler Follow Spot Operator
Katie Burnham Sound Assistant
Sound Setup Assistant
Victor Svenningson Sound Setup Assistant
Paul Burnham Scrim Operator
Amy Burnham Scrim Operator
Lauren Page Russell Program Design
Leslee Argue Program Printing
Fran Martin Program Printing
Gregory Kieszkowski Photographer
Valerie Russell Marketing
Ian Everdell Marketing
April Corning Marketing
Leslee Argue Marketing
Alyssa Warmland Marketing
Ken Brumby Marketing


Band MemberRole
Bruce Tonkin Conductor
George Lee Guitar
David King Bass Guitar
Tom Box Woodwinds
Ted Brankston Woodwinds
Bill Cross Woodwinds
Tom Hall Drums
Bruce McGregor Keyboard
Peter Riccio Keyboard
Don Dawson Trombone
Chris Devlin Trumpet
Andrew Jourard Trumpet
Other Media
Opening Night (video) Download file →
Not as easy as it looks! (video) Download file →
Review by Selena Forsyth Download file →

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