A Christmas Carol (2019)


Season: 2019-2020
Opening Date: December 4, 2019
Venue(s): Concert Hall at Victoria Hall

By John Jakes
Based on a book by Charles Dickens

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Cast MemberRole
Abby Thornton Young Children's Choir
Ahrianna McLean Young Children's Choir
Alice Russell Young Children's Choir
Ashley Larrimore Sara
Avi Wolters Ghost of Christmas Past
Bella Wilson Belle's Daughter
Carter Jean Charles Dickens
Christian DeKelver Bob Cratchit
Clyde Boudreau Young Scrooge
Dave Wilson Theatre Manager, School Master
Donna Paulsen Mrs. Fezziwig
Elisha Dowber Woman in Black
Emily Miller Young Children's Choir
Emily Martin Belle
Emily Sleight Young Children's Choir
Gary Potter Jacob Marley
Gwen Coleman Raucous Lady
Isabella Leckie Young Children's Choir
Jasmine Wilson Fezziwig Daughter #2
Joycelyn Wilson Young Children's Choir
Jonathon Wilson Young Children's Choir, Boy
Jordyn Rhude Young Children's Choir
Josh Rhude Buckworthy
Kaleigh Harper Fezziwig Daughter #3
Kevin Price Fred
Kira Gelineau Fezziwig Daughter #1
Kristen Knott Young Fan
Laura Bernier Fiddler Fezziwig Ball
Lauren Rennie Martha Cratchit
Liam Cragg Ghost of Christmas Present
Lilian Jean Pearl
Elizabeth Rennie Mrs. Cratchit
Marg Kropf Mrs. Dilber
Madeline Toste Cratchit Child
Matthew McKay Ebenezer, Christmas Yet to Come
Michael Hassard Peter Cratchit
Morgan Broomfield Young Children's Choir
Myles Larrimore Tiny Tim
Naomi Dowber Woman in Black
Nora Williamson Belinda Cratchit
Owen Turner Dick Wilkins
Rachel Albright Mother, Guitar Player
Riley McKernon Felicity
Solveig Barber Cook
Sophia Ender Cratchit Child
Stephen Wilson Scrooge
Tim Paulsen Mr. Fezziwig, Old Joe
Yasmin Rocha Shopkeeper, Guitar Player
Zoey Watts Young Children's Choir

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Marley Soutter Producer
Carlotta Rutledge Director
Sandra Williston Stage Manager
Dana Petrillo Assistant Stage Manager
Jim Finan Set Design
Henry Ranger Scenic Painter
Lee Wakelin Scenic Painter
Carlotta Rutledge Scenic Painter
Sandra Williston Scenic Painter
Glen Wilson Scenic Painter
Ann Hancock Costumes
Carlotta Rutledge Seamstress
Jamie Finan Seamstress
Ligia Sanchez Seamstress
Lynne Templer Seamstress
Sharon Anderson Seamstress
Nancy Kerr Seamstress
Ann Hancock Seamstress
Fran Martin Props
Ward McCance Lighting Design
Victor Svenningson Sound Design
Rod Chicorli Sound Engineer
Linda Cardie Sound Operator
Marg Hilborn Front of House Co-ordinator
Jim Finan Set Construction
Set Moving
Jack Boyagian Set Construction
Set Moving
Shawn Albright Set Construction
Set Moving
Jamie Spereman Set Construction
Set Moving
Victor Svenningson Set Construction
Set Moving
Christian DeKelver Set Construction
Set Moving
Matthew McKay Set Construction
Set Moving
Amy Burnham Photography
Greg Hancock Photography
Elizabeth Calvert Makeup
Kira Gelineau Makeup
Mrs. Wilson Makeup
Elizabeth Calvert Chaperone
Jennifer Whitman Chaperone


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