84 Charing Cross Road


Season: 1991-1992
Opening Night: May 6, 1992
Venue: Firehall Theatre
Production Type:

By Helene Hanff
Adaptation By James Rosse-Evans

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Cast MemberRole
Starr Olsen Helene Hanff
Martin Petlock Frank Doel
Pat Crimmins Cecily Farr
Judy Down-Weller Megan Wells
Ken Halligan George Martin
Lois Burnett William Humphries
Lois Burnett Maxine Stuart
Valerie Procktor Joan Todd
Peter Lester Matthew
Andy Procktor Pilot's Voice

Production Team

Production Team MemberRole
Nancy Lester Director
Wayne McCurdy Producer
Betty Sterling Stage Manager
Valerie Procktor Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Goldring Set Design
Lois Burnett Costumes
Lois Richardson Large Properties
Valerie Procktor Small Properties
Betty Sterling Small Properties
Helena Finn Small Properties
Shelley Netherton Make-up and Hair
Betsey Stanley Make-up and Hair
Valerie Russell Make-up and Hair
Diane Saunders Make-up and Hair
Bruce Brooks Poster
Heather Spurll Program
Wayne McCurdy Photographer
Andrew Emery Lighting/Sound
Bill Netherton Lighting/Sound
Al Blair Lighting/Sound
Wendy Holmes Stage Crew
Helena Finn Stage Crew
Alison Lester Stage Crew
Ken Halligan Set Construction
Al Blair Set Construction
Ken Medhurst Set Construction
Peter Sterling Set Construction
Martin Petlock Set Construction
Valerie Russell Set Decorating
Colleen Clancy Set Decorating
Pauline Cashin Set Decorating
Roy Cashin Set Decorating
Rosie Bateman Set Decorating
Dan Goldring Set Decorating
Gabrielle McMurdo Tickets
Dorothy Ogilvie Tickets
Eileen Wilkinson Tickets
Verna Templer Tickets
Ada Lelliot Tickets
Eileen Pickett Tickets
Sharon McMann Front of House
Marjorie Somerville Front of House
Cheryl Hutton Front of House
Dan Hutton Front of House
Beverley Emery Front of House
Katie Emery Front of House
Matthew Emery Front of House
Lois Brown Front of House
Lynn Brown Front of House
Holly Procktor Front of House
Louise Procktor Front of House
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Reviewed by Dave Clark