Register to Vote in the General Members Meeting

This is an important meeting as we will be electing up to 9 of 13 Board Members (President, Secretary and up to 7 Directors).  It is the NP Board that guides the direction of your Northumberland Players – it is important to be part of this election by casting your ballot!

If you intend to attend the GMM and vote in the elections for the Board of Directors (and you should!!), you will need to register. You will be able to vote in person or online, or you may assign a proxy.

Once you register, if you chose to attend the meeting either “online” or “in person”, you will be emailed additional details from “Election Buddy” a day or two before the meeting, including a unique code and instructions for online voting. * Please keep an eye open for it, and save the message! 

You will also find THREE (3) important documents here.

1. NP GMM 2023 – Information Package

This is a one-stop shop document with everything you will need to prepare for the GMM.  This is an important meeting and you should be as informed as possible (this is engaging reading folks!!) and includes:

  • Agenda for the 2023 GMM (p. 1)
  • Election Information (p. 2)
    • Registration / Proxy Information
    • Voting Information
  • Minutes of the Nov 28, 2022 GMM (p. 3-4)
  • Slate of Candidates for the 2023 Election (p. 5)
  • Candidate responses to questions – Volunteer Work and Reasons for Running

(p. 6-9 President / p. 10-11 Secretary / p. 12 – 15 Director Positions)

2. Annual Meeting of Members 2022 Minutes

You will be voting on this so you should read it too!

3. Proxy Form

When you register for the GMM you will be given an opportunity to appoint a Proxy. This is a copy of the form that is used.

NOTE: If you plan to appoint a Proxy – you must STILL register for the GMM!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.