Rebooking Tickets & Refunds for Shows

The Northumberland Players do not sell their own tickets.

Firehall Theatre tickets are sold through the Victoria Hall Box Office and dinner theatre tickets are sold at the venue, the Best Western Plus Cobourg Inn and Convention Centre. We have worked with each venue to develop a ticket rebooking and refund process.

Victoria Hall mailed out refunds by contacting each patron that had purchased tickets for All My Sons and You Will Remember Me.

The Best Western was a little more complex and had sold 1200 tickets for Honky Tonk Angels. There were large group bookings and bus tours who had booked early and they wanted to rebook their tickets.

The Best Western decided to rebook the large groups first and then contact individual patrons. The concept was to allow the patrons to rebook tickets to the fall shows to match the days in the new run of 9 shows. For example, if you had a ticket for the first show in April, you were automatically booked for the first show in the fall, Oct. 23. This was so you the ticket holder could still have the exact prime seat you booked.

We wanted to get those seats rebooked before selling new tickets or giving refunds. The Best Western has now contacted the large groups and is starting to rebook individual patrons. If they have not contacted you, they will do so in a systematic way.

We are hoping that you will rebook rather than ask for a refund.

Please respect social distancing protocols and do not go to the Best Western desk to pick up your new tickets or make arrangements for new tickets or refunds. Please allow the staff until June 1 to deal with the tickets.  

If you have further questions about a Firehall show call the Victoria Hall Box office at 905-372-2210 and leave a message or for questions about Honky Tonk Angels call the Best Western at 905-372-2105.