Sound Effects Workshop


Saturday March 9th 2024, 10:00am – 3:00pm
Firehall Theatre, Cobourg
Facilitator: Victor Svenningson

Have you ever wondered how that theatrical sound effect was created? The Northumberland Players is about to lift the cover on the old sound recorder.

Come and see and learn how we create sound effects for our plays. In this workshop session, we will look at how we get from the page to the stage with audio effects. This technical session looks at artistic concepts, working with internet resources, Audacity mixing and creation. Then, we move to place those sounds into our SCS11 playback system.

Having some knowledge of how audio works will be an asset.

Victor is a retired technical theatre manager who started working with mixers and tape decks a long time ago. Today, we have moved into the digital age. This session will be about how he creates his shows for the Players.

Lunch will be provided. Bring a water bottle.

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