Outreach Presents “The Memoirs of Colonel Eliakim Barnum” in Grafton

Tim Russell as Colonel Eliakim Barnum

A few weeks ago, the NP Outreach Program presented “The Memoirs of Colonel Eliakim Barnum” at the historical Barnum House in Grafton. Audiences were transported back to 1874 and immersed in the tales of the colonel, portrayed vividly by Tim Russell.

One audience member was “riveted throughout”, and another was “so caught up in the performance that Tim became Col. Barnum for her.”

A symbol of Neoclassical architecture in Canada, Barnum House boasts of woodwork and craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. With its ballroom as our backdrop, the stage was set for an enriching experience that painted the vibrant tapestry of Barnum’s life.

Jackie Tinson meticulously wove together the script, shedding light on the man and his home’s intriguing history. The memoir corrects misconceptions and reveals truths researched by the Lakeshore Genealogical Society. Museums evolve, and in these changing times, our production breathed life into history, making it tangible and captivating.

Thanks to the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario – Cobourg & East Northumberland for co-hosting!