Let This Fairytale Capture Your Heart – Robyn Hawthorne

To say that stepping into the role of Belle is a dream is an understatement, it truly is an honour to get to bring this beloved character to life.  “Beauty and the Beast” is one of those classic fairytales that you just never get tired of hearing (a tale as old as time, if you will).  From the enchanting characters to the extravagant musical numbers, the stage adaptation elevates the story, adding a new dimension with the help of some Disney magic.        

Belle (Robyn Hawthorne) and Beast (Craig Martin) rehearse for “Beauty and the Beast”

Surrounded by a cast full of vibrant characters, each with their own unique personality and charms, Belle is one of a kind.  Belle’s combination of intelligence, courage, compassion, and resilience not only makes her a captivating character but also positions her as a powerful role model for audiences of all ages.  What really drew me to Belle is her role as the heroine of her own story, reshaping the traditional Disney princess narrative.  Unlike earlier princesses who often needed saving, Belle actively shapes her own destiny. 

I’ve admired Belle and the strength of her character since I was a little girl.  She is undeniably an iconic character; her timeless appeal captivating generations and creating lasting memories for countless childhoods.  Taking on Belle’s role carries a unique responsibility, inspiring me to honor her essence for everyone who holds her close to their heart.

This entire experience has unfolded like a living fairytale, thanks to the wonderful individuals who bring it to life.  Whether on stage or behind the scenes, I’m continually amazed by the extraordinary talent within Northumberland Players.  This marks my first venture with the Players, standing out as one of my most professional and enjoyable community theatre experiences.  Being part of this phenomenal cast and working with an exceptional creative team has been an absolute privilege.  I’ve learned so much from their expertise.  The depth of talent on and off stage in this community is remarkable.  So please, be our guest, witness the enchantment, and let this fairytale capture your heart.

Beauty and the Beast plays at the Capitol Theatre February 23 – March 3, 2024.