Keep the Fires Burning

Like all theatres, The Northumberland Players are working to survive and reinvent ourselves and no doubt come back even stronger after the pandemic subsides.  

For the last couple of weeks several volunteers have worked hard to put our building materials into containers. We are attempting to keep costs down since we have no income until our season starts again. We will be looking for alternative sources of income from both theatrical activities and donations. 

The moving out of our building space has generated a ton of wood. I have been breaking down the wood and thought it could be a great way of using it to raise some funds.  

When you make a $50 donation, we’ll give you some great wood to burn for  your fire pit and indoor fireplace and a tax receipt! We have enough wood for 20 people. 

The wood is either clean (indoor) or scraps from sets with paint (outdoor use). I will cut the wood for you, small enough to load into a car or pick up truck. 

Keep the Fires Burning is a campaign to help purge some of our inventory but also to raise money for the theatre during these times. Of course you can donate money even if you don’t need wood. 

To make your donation and get your wood, please email me.

Jack Boyagian,