“It’s just so human” – Kim Brouwer and Bill Walker on “Love Letters”

Kim Brouwer and Bill Walker are one of the stage couples performing Love Letters. We caught up with them about the show.

Kim says: “It’s always great to work with Bill!  We’ve been a couple (on stage) twice before and have worked on 4 shows in total. I’ve missed him during our forced hiatus… we have chemistry and timing so that’s always fun – even if it’s pretend!

Love Letters is sneaky…. The more you read it, the more it reveals. It resonated with me on so many levels and makes me cry EVERY time, no matter who is performing. It’s just so human.”

Bill says: “When the pandemic hit, it hit the arts particularly hard, and yet the resiliency and creativity of theatre simply adapted to an online presence and kept theatre alive. However, returning to in-person rehearsals and live performances has been both a joy and of course, filled with a little trepidation. Will audiences return?, What will be their comfort level?, and will they see the value of keeping live performance alive?

“When one looks at the company of actors that have performed this play, one can’t help but feel honoured to be in their company. To convey a lifetime of stories between two people has been a challenge but one filled with the trust one has for both the other actor and our director. The playwright challenges the actors to convey the authenticity of the text, mindful of the appropriate level of emotion, style, and substance. One of the more challenging roles I have certainly had the pleasure of portraying. One is also mindful of the historical context of the language which at times has provided the need for conversation and greater sensitivity. A remarkably emotional play.”

Kim and Bill perform Love Letters on August 13, 19, and 20.

Tickets are available online or at the gate.