Have you ever been to a séance?

Séances were popular evening entertainments in the 1930s. Many people, including Harry Houdini, had proven that trickery and suggestion were the usual explanation for what people experienced, not contact with sprits, but people wanted to contact loved ones who had “passed over” and enjoyed trying. The mediums and psychics were pleased to provide the opportunity.

In our upcoming production of Blithe Spirit, Charles doesn’t believe that is is possible to speak to the spirits of dead people, but he thinks it would be fun to see what a medium does. He is doing research for his new novel. So, he organizes a dinner and séance evening with friends and Madam Arcati, a local medium.

Charles becomes a believer when the spirit of his late wife, Elvira, appears at the end of the séance. Only he can see and hear Elvira, and the Blithe Spirit will not go away. 

Blithe Spirit is a farce, so you know that the situation will become very amusing!

Blithe Spirit opens September 20, 2019, at the Firehall Theatre.