“Giving a piece of yourself… totally” – Lisa & Dan Kapp

Lisa & Dan Kapp, who will be performing Love Letters August 14 & 15. Get tickets.

After a 17 year hiatus, and working with a variety of theatre companies (including internationally), being on stage with the Northumberland Players feels like coming home.

In 2005 we accepted teaching positions in Turkey and then landed in Toronto for 11 years before returning to Cobourg during retirement. We have grown a little wiser, a little greyer and a little rounder, but our love of theatre has also grown!

It is a privilege to work together on A.R. Gurney’s beautifully nuanced and poignant Love Letters. As Andy says, letters are a way of “giving [a] piece of [your]self … totally”; not unlike an actor giving of themselves each time they step on the stage. It is a creative endeavour, but also a risky one, one that we enthusiastically embrace. 

Lisa and Dan Kapp perform Love Letters August 14 & 15. Other performances also available August 13 – 22.