The Firehall Theatre on Second Street, Cobourg, is home to Northumberland Players, and one of their four performance venues. Directors and set designers have collaborated to use the space in so many creative ways to suit their productions since the opening of the new theatre space. One of the challenges they face is working around two supporting pillars in the middle of the stage area - do you work with them or hide them?

The Firehall houses the administrative office, two rehearsal spaces, a Green Room, and The Founders' Theatre, a space that can be arranged to suit a variety of dramatic purposes. The lighting grid and LED lights installed in 2018 and the new sound equipment now being installed make this small theatre an exciting performance space that brings the audience close to the action.

Comfortable theatre seating was installed in 2010. The seats can be arranged according to the director's concept of the staging as a traditional theatre with a stage at one end or at the side, as a thrust stage for Shakespearean plays, or as theatre-in-the-round. The complexity of the sets range from realistic "box sets" representing a room, to sets that suggest multiple spaces, to bare stages, and even just black curtains.

Here are some examples of sets from past productions. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Six Dance Lessons, 2012

Directed by Leah McMullen, Set Design by Marg Hilborn

It's a Wonderful Life, 2013 and 2014

Directed by jack Boyagian, Set Design by Maureen Holloway

Agnes of God, 2014

Directed and Set Design by Christine Sharp

Rabbit Hole, 2015

Directed by Brenda Worsnop, Set Design by Wendy Sheppard

The Glass Menagerie, 2015

Directed by Matt Kowalyk, Set Design by Will Ryan

Twelfth Night, 2016

Directed by Paula Worley, Set Design by Maureen Holloway

Waiting for the Parade, 2017

Directed and Set Design by Brenda Worsnop

Rocking Chair, 2017

Directed by Jessica Outtram,  Set Design by Angela Young

Quartet, 2017

Directed by Chris Worsnop, Set Design by Ken Forsyth

Leaving Home, 2018

Directed by Matt Kowalyk, Set Design by Allyson Demoe

Mary's Wedding, 2018

Directed by Jack Boyagian, Set design by Tim Russell

Silent Sky, 2019

Directed by Val Russell, Set design by Val Russell

Drowning Girls, 2019

Directed by Carol Beauchamp, Set designed by Leslee Argue