“Every Actor’s Dream” – Beth and Jamie Hunt on “Love Letters”

Beth & Jamie Hunt are one of the couples performing Love Letters as part of the Pop Up Theatre Project. We caught up with them about the show.

Beth says, “after having spent twenty five years doing back to back shows, I decided to take a break in 2018, I just didn’t “love it” anymore. When COVID hit, the lockdowns gave me a chance to reflect back on theatre – both as a career and as a hobby. I decided to retire from the “must do” career aspects of theatre and was incredibly grateful for the chance to perform again.

“The rehearsal process has reminded me why I love the process. Love Letters was a perfect choice – it’s beautifully written, gives an actor lots of scope but also offers the challenge of presenting a story without movement…. and the chance to perform with Jamie again has been wonderful.”

Jamie says, “being on stage again is exhilarating. Having the opportunity to perform in this show has given me the feeling that life will return to normal. Seeing and working with friends and colleagues has felt sooooo good – thanks Northumberland Players for getting live theatre back to Northumberland.

Love Letters is everything you could ask for in a play – poignant, funny, sad, touching – all these emotions and no memorization!! Every actor’s dream.

“Special thanks to Val and of course to Beth – my very favourite co-performer.”

Beth and Jamie perform Love Letters on August 21 and 22. 

Tickets are available online or at the gate.