Workshop with Melody Johnson: Kids Improv

Val Russell

October 19, 2019 @ 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Firehall Theatre 3rd floor
213 Second St. Cobourg
Val Russell
Workshop with Melody Johnson: Kids Improv @ Firehall Theatre 3rd floor
Improvise A Go Go!

Want to create fun, comic characters and scenes by making them up on your feet?  Then this workshop could be for you!

In this 2.5 hour improv class for kids ages 10-16, we will play a series of group improvisatory exercises and games with the end goal of original scenes and unique characters. We will also work and play towards a set list of our favourite improvisational games.

Our improv will involve movement so wear loose, comfy clothing, and bring a water bottle along with a willingness to explore and create new stories.  Our day will involve:

  •  Vocal, physical warm up.
  •  Making & accepting offers.
  •  Ensemble play: spontaneously creating character, scenes and set list.
Your Improvisation Instructor

Melody Johnson is an award winning actor, director and alumna of the acclaimed Second City Improv Theatre and has worked for over two decades in the acting profession. She enjoys to share her love of acting, improv and years of experience as an instructor of (Acting, Sketch Writing and Improvisation) at the Humber School of Comedy Writing & Performance.

Join the Workshop

This great workshop is only $15! To secure your place, email or call Val Russell (905-342-2893).