Connecting as Equals – Rebecca Rennicks

One of the highlights for me since returning to NP as a “grown up” was actually fulfilling a very small backstage role as Dresser for the 2017/18 season’s The 39 Steps.  This may be an unusual choice, but it was more about who I was dressing: Mr. Dave Clark, my high school drama teacher and the person who introduced me to NP’s Youth Theatre Program!

Mr. Clark didn’t realize the impact he had on my life as a teen, but it was huge and he was the closest thing to a mentor I’d ever had. The role Dave played in this show required about a gazillion costume changes at lightning quick speed and there were lots of near misses and panicky moments, but also tons of laughs.

The best part? Re-connecting with my brilliant teacher as his equal. What a gift! 

(Left) Rebecca Rennicks in Silent Sky; (Right) Rob Davidson and Dave Clark in The 39 Steps.