Community, Society, Family

The Savannah Sipping Society started out as a Players community theatre project bringing together a group of people, mainly women, eager to get back to the experience of live theatre and resume their pre-pandemic artistic pursuits.

Honor Sylvester plays Marlafaye in The Savannah Sipping Society 

Instead what happened, and continues to happen, is the building of a society – a society of sisters.

Like everyone through these trying times we all have had to put things – our lives and often our livelihoods – on hold and pivot with changing restrictions and shifting protocols, and yet it’s amazing to see the resilience and genuine tenacity this group exhibits. 

It inspires me to be more. Pre-rehearsal rapid testing, colour coded drinking glasses to ensure no one is ever at risk… it’s all necessary and it’s all a bit weirdly tiring, yet the work, the production is worth it because these women have become more than a society, they have become my family. A mismatched, patched together, “I’d do anything for you,” “now go change that outfit,” “I love you,” family.

Could there be a better “post pandemic“ feeling?


Honor Sylvester plays Marlafaye in The Savannah Sipping Society, on stage at the Best Western Plus Cobourg Inn & Convention Center Apr 29 – May 15, 2022. Get tickets by calling 905-372-2105.