A Director’s Dream Team – Jack Boyagian

I was introduced to the Players in 2001. Derrick Cunningham, a fellow teacher at East Northumberland School and an actor in the musical, invited me to a dress rehearsal of Jesus Christ Superstar. I went and was awestruck. So much so that I was in five shows in one calendar year with the Players after that. I was blown away … Read More

“I Remember The Energy” – Marie Anderson

There are times when a cast fits together so tightly that once all the various parts come together, the show appears to be seamless. That seemed to happen with this show. Jesus Christ Superstar was my first show with the Players, and it went well enough that we were asked to take the whole show to Sarnia to compete in … Read More

Chaos, Hysteria, Madness… and Utter Magic – Heather Jopling

When I was five years old, I saw a community theatre production of The Hobbit. That was the production that gave me the theatre bug. It changed my life.  In 2013,  I had the absolute joy to direct the Northumberland Players’ production of Peter Pan at the Capitol Theatre. I was blessed with an incredibly imaginative production crew of over 25 individuals and a … Read More

Forever Separated by the War – Claire Russell

I had the privilege of being born into the Northumberland Players. My grandfather, Ron Templer, was a founding member and lifelong supporter of the arts in our community. I have many fond memories of watching rehearsals at the Firehall, when my mother, Valerie Russell, was directing a show, or falling asleep in the back row of Victoria Hall during a … Read More

A Canadian Play to be Remembered – Tom Quinn

Last Day, Last Hour: Canada’s Great War On Trial When I approach a new theatre project these days, it is always cautiously.  I ask myself, “What if this, for whatever reason, turns out to be my last show?”  Will I be left satisfied that it was a fitting end to the countless hours spent over the past twenty-five years working collaboratively with … Read More

Welcome to the Tribe – Anne-Marie Bouthillette

My first introduction to the Players was when I auditioned for the musical Hair! in 2008. Until then, I had never even heard of Community Theatre. I had been living in Cobourg for 4 years by then and was still just getting to know my community. I’ve always had a passion for theatre – and musical theatre in particular – but until … Read More

“Theatre has truly fed my soul.” – Carol Beauchamp

I have so many wonderful memories of theatre over the course of almost 40 years of being involved – that truly seems wild!  Unlike many others, my only interest in theatre as child and teenager was as an enthusiastic  member of the audience – which I thoroughly enjoyed!  In my early 20’s a business colleague thought I needed an outlet … Read More

Happy Hallowe’en, My Phantoms! – Jeff Schissler

February 27th, 2004 Opening night of ​The Rocky Horror Show. ​It was my first lead role. Dr. Frank ‘n’ Furter. I just turned nineteen, and I was a mixture of scared and excited. I arrived at The Capitol Theatre earlier than the rest to get into full makeup and hair. After my face was powdered, my eyes shimmered with glitter, and my … Read More

Don’t We All Prefer to be Mystified? – Greg Curtis

Twelve Angry Men was one of those shows that was performed twice: a 9 show run in the Firehall, September/October 2012, done in the round. My favourite place to do a show, where the audience is so close, they and the performers often become one; and a one time performance, a play reading at John Joint’s farm in a lovely … Read More

“A Coconut for Me” – Jan Crane

December 14th, 2011. We were about to rehearse “The Pineapple Song” for Northumberland Players’ production of Cabaret in the winter of 2012. David Bryson played Herr Schultz and I was Fraulein Schneider. Rehearsals were going really well. David and I didn’t know each other very well at the time and we were both very serious about our respective roles. For … Read More