Welcome to the Players! – Bob Bailey

Foreshadowing I’m a relative newcomer to the Northumberland Players. My wife Chris and I returned to Ontario in 2015 after living in Cape Breton for six years. I had a new job at a young university in Oshawa, and being more country than city mice we bought a house in Harwood, just north of Cobourg. We had both grown up … Read More

The Role of a Lifetime – Derrick Cunningham

When I was in grade nine, a good friend of mine laughed at me when I was singing.  In that moment, I made the adolescent realization that boys don’t sing.  I left the junior choir at St. Andrew’s Church and stopped singing in public.  It wasn’t until my Grade 13 year, and the chance to be in the school musical … Read More

Experience of a Lifetime – Carol-Anne Caswell

In the beginning, the Firehall Theatre was my sanctuary; spending time most days of the week cleaning the theatre for a small stipend & in later years catering workshops so I could attend as well. Props were my thing; watching over them, organizing the props cupboards, sorting out props no longer applicable to our shows…Norma Connor & I were props … Read More

Oh, How I Miss Rehearsals! – Anthea Goodwin

Growing up in Pickering, I was a part of a community theatre group.  I was only 10, and dying to get on stage!  BUT I had to settle for spot light operator or stage crew until I was 18.  I would go to rehearsals in the church basement with my Mum & learn all the songs and choreography!  I wasn’t the only groupie-kid that … Read More

The Effort Needed for Effortlessness – Valerie Russell

Directing a show, particularly a musical, takes a lot of research and careful planning. Every show has a segment that tests the experience and creativity of everyone in its company. Examples of this might be how half of the actors in Secret Garden are dead – how to make that clear to the audience without dressing everyone in sheets? Or … Read More

Miracle on 2nd Street – Kate Shuker & Matt Blundell

One of the special things about being part of community theatre is the camaraderie.  Whether performing on stage or being part of the crew, friendships are forged through theatre.  Sometimes those friendships only last for the run of the show and then fade, some may last for a few seasons… sometimes you are lucky enough to build a friendship that … Read More

Holiday Magic at the Firehall Theatre – Catherine Martin

I have always loved Jane Austen, because her stories take me away to beautiful places where everyone lives happily ever after. That’s why, when I heard that they were holding auditions for Miss Bennet: Christmas At Pemberley, a sequel to Pride & Prejudice, I knew I had to go – even though I was currently rehearsing for Blithe Spirit. Blithe Spirit was a comedy, … Read More

Christmas from the Stage – Matt Kowalyk

I have a love/hate relationship with acting.  It’s very strange – I liken it to a veteran pilot that’s terrified of heights – it doesn’t make sense on so many levels including the BIG question:  If you’re afraid of heights, why become a pilot in the first place?  It’s a fair question.  Some personal insights into theatre from my perspective before I go … Read More

Dance in Front of Me, I’m Naked! – Denise Burnham

As an experienced sewer and dresser of many years with the Northumberland Players productions, I have one special memory that never ceases to halt me in my tracks to enjoy a good belly laugh regardless of my surroundings. The Players rendition of The Full Monty was a fun loving, literally pant splitting adventure from the first practice to the final … Read More

“Now, cue the nuns!” – Katie Kennedy

This whole pandemic thing has led to organizations being forced to move operations online. Katie Kennedy wrote this piece after a Town of Cobourg Committee of the Whole meeting had to be postponed due to technical issues. The Committee of the Whole are meeting in the beautiful Victoria Hall ballroom to ensure safe distancing during this time and it made … Read More