Sharing the Joy and Magic of Successful Shows – Brenda Worsnop

Some may think of this as a love story.  And it is in a way.  Love for theatre and love for my partner in crime!  You can decide. After about 40 years and well over 160 community and professional productions across Southern Ontario, acting, directing, stage managing, designing and painting sets, heading up props and costumes, pulling ropes, climbing ladders, running lights, sweeping … Read More

The Most Amazing Gift a Guy Could Ask For – Craig Martin

I grew up in a small town called Petrolia, and developed a love of theatre from a young age. As a teenager, I spent my summers volunteering at the Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (VPP), the local summer theatre which operated out of the beautiful old Victorian Town Hall. I saw first hand how a dedicated group of people can take words … Read More

She Will Always Be My Leading Lady – Evan Soutter

Summer of 2014, I was fresh off my first Musical Theatre production ever and looking to chase that with the next big show that the Northumberland Players would be putting on. That show just so happened to be Les Miserables. After auditioning, I got the call to say I had gotten the role of Marius on the condition that I … Read More

Honk! – Grant Coward

During a 2016 matinee performance of The Secret Garden at the Capitol Theatre, Ricardo Canlas Jr. and I were waiting for our cues. We decided to go to the backstage door, open it up for a breath of fresh air and take in the lovely sunshine for a brief moment.  As we were enjoying the beautiful day a train happened to come along letting out … Read More

This Old Boat? We Found It In A Ditch… Dan Goldring

I remember many of the sets I designed and built for the Northumberland Players, but Talley’s Folly was one of my favourites.  The set was an old boathouse in rural Missouri in 1944.  We were doing the show for dinner theatre on the second floor of the Best Western. The set had lots of gingerbread and I knew I wanted … Read More

Countless Unforgettable Moments – Jim Finan

I was trying to bring this down to one favourite memory, but it’s impossible. I have been witness to and blessed with gifted casts and crews who have given me countless unforgettable moments:   Sitting beside Mary Schultz and hearing her sing “I Dreamed A Dream” for the first time. Heart-stopping. In Boeing Boeing, hearing Jamie Hunt say, “Oh Bernaaard!”, Anne-Marie … Read More

Welcome to the Players! – Bob Bailey

Foreshadowing I’m a relative newcomer to the Northumberland Players. My wife Chris and I returned to Ontario in 2015 after living in Cape Breton for six years. I had a new job at a young university in Oshawa, and being more country than city mice we bought a house in Harwood, just north of Cobourg. We had both grown up … Read More

The Role of a Lifetime – Derrick Cunningham

When I was in grade nine, a good friend of mine laughed at me when I was singing.  In that moment, I made the adolescent realization that boys don’t sing.  I left the junior choir at St. Andrew’s Church and stopped singing in public.  It wasn’t until my Grade 13 year, and the chance to be in the school musical … Read More

Experience of a Lifetime – Carol-Anne Caswell

In the beginning, the Firehall Theatre was my sanctuary; spending time most days of the week cleaning the theatre for a small stipend & in later years catering workshops so I could attend as well. Props were my thing; watching over them, organizing the props cupboards, sorting out props no longer applicable to our shows…Norma Connor & I were props … Read More

Oh, How I Miss Rehearsals! – Anthea Goodwin

Growing up in Pickering, I was a part of a community theatre group.  I was only 10, and dying to get on stage!  BUT I had to settle for spot light operator or stage crew until I was 18.  I would go to rehearsals in the church basement with my Mum & learn all the songs and choreography!  I wasn’t the only groupie-kid that … Read More