Magic Behind the Scenes – Maureen Holloway

From 2006 to 2019, I volunteered for Northumberland Players in a variety of roles behind the scenes. I was not gifted with acting talent. Instead I got the unsexy list of skills that are useful but invisible: attention to detail, technical writing, problem-solving and decision-making, etc., essential for managing anything but boring. So I was a stage manager for many … Read More

Amazing Experiences & Incredible People – Mark Chard

I was introduced to community theatre as a spectator back in 2001. After seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Capitol Theatre, I said to my wife, “I recognized some of the actors”. I was amazed when she explained how it’s community theatre and anyone can audition. So I said if they were to ever do Jesus Christ … Read More

The Magic of Theatre – Barb Henderson

When my family and I moved to Northumberland County from Toronto I had no experience with community theatre and no idea how it could change my life. The very first experience I had was a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and what an introduction that was!  I was involved in sewing costumes, both my daughters were in the … Read More

Exactly Where You Shine – Pavanne Hawkes

I’ve been reading a book called “Big Magic”. It speaks about inviting fear to accompany you in your life’s journey, without letting it be in charge of the destination, route or water stations along the way. The theory is that it’s an easier emotion to tackle when we are no longer giving it oxygen.  There are lots of concepts like … Read More

The Ladies of the Arcade – Dawn Watters

Live theatre has always been a factor in my life!  A favourite memory is going to see the musical, Anne of Green Gables, in Toronto, with my father and sister. Later on, my daughter became involved with theatre both at her school and through the Northumberland Players. Under the superb tutelage of Mary Doig, she became smitten. My role in her … Read More

Connecting as Equals – Rebecca Rennicks

One of the highlights for me since returning to NP as a “grown up” was actually fulfilling a very small backstage role as Dresser for the 2017/18 season’s The 39 Steps.  This may be an unusual choice, but it was more about who I was dressing: Mr. Dave Clark, my high school drama teacher and the person who introduced me … Read More

Energy Circles – Ricardo Canlas

I have been a proud member of Northumberland Players for the past 5 years now. I performed in several shows such as The Secret Garden, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor™ Dreamcoat, Sister Act, Drowsy Chaperone and CHICAGO! I love this community so much. As an extrovert, I release my energy and truly be myself when I am rehearsing or performing … Read More

Becoming Plaids – Ian Everdell

Four years ago today was opening night. The four of us warmed up, ran up and down the hall at the Best Western, straightened bowties and cummerbunds, had our hair slicked down, and practiced the harmony for “Scotland the Brave” one more time… then places was called, and “at nights and on weekends, we became Forever Plaid” (that was one … Read More

Behind the Scenes – Catherine Holland

I joined Northumberland Players seven years ago. I was cutting my front hedge when Mary Lou Secord walked by and we chatted about getting involved with volunteering. I told her I was interested in community theatre and she said she would pass my name and contact info to someone at Northumberland Players. The next day I received a text from … Read More

The Opportunity to Have So Much Fun – Heather Stubbs

When do you get to be as wacky as you want in front of people who paid to be there, and the wackier you are, the happier it makes them? That’s what it was like to play Madame Arcati in Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, and one of the reasons it was some of the best fun I’ve ever had. I lead … Read More