Fall in Love with this Timeless Classic Once Again – Evan Soutter

When I heard that the musical this year was announced to be “Beauty and the Beast“, I was very excited. It’s THE iconic modern era Disney story in my mind. So many iconic and beloved characters; Belle, the Beast, Mrs. Potts, Gaston, Lumiere, Cogsworth, etc… yet you can only have the opportunity to play one. The (almost) two months between … Read More

Let This Fairytale Capture Your Heart – Robyn Hawthorne

To say that stepping into the role of Belle is a dream is an understatement, it truly is an honour to get to bring this beloved character to life.  “Beauty and the Beast” is one of those classic fairytales that you just never get tired of hearing (a tale as old as time, if you will).  From the enchanting characters … Read More

Playing a Dream Role with a Dream Theatre Company

Playing the role of Mrs. Potts has always been a dream role for Kelly-Anne Moss. Kelly-Anne says: “She’s such a wonderful and caring character with so much heart, not to mention she sings the title sing of the show. It does pose certain challenges though. Making sure you can connect with the audience and convey all these character’s layers beyond an … Read More

Constructing the Set of “Beauty and the Beast”

Creating a sound, yet magical set for this classic musical is the Players’ builders’ and painters’ worthy challenge. Sure, we’ve constructed many houses and cottages, built a biplane and a bus but a French Castle and 18th Century Village buildings? Well, this is a first. The imaginative design guides the Lead builder and crew in rendering three floor-to-ceiling rotating structures, … Read More

Designing “Beauty and the Beast” – Jim Finan

We’re very lucky to have a venue as grand as the Cameco Capitol Arts Center available to us for ourannual large musical. That said, for a designer, the Capitol stage does present a few challenges. Limitedwing space and depth beyond the proscenium are hard realities. With previous shows I’ve designed orco-designed, such as “Chicago” or “Into the Woods”, the answer … Read More