The Kind of Show that You Feel

Heather MacMillan plays bassoon in the ‘Into the Woods’ pit band. When I first read through the bassoon book for Into the Woods I thought “this Sondheim guy must have been on some serious drugs”. Visually, it’s a challenge to read: weird time signatures that constantly change, always compound time and as many flats and sharps as he could get … Read More

Passion, Dedication, and Connection

It has been a dream to play the Baker’s Wife in the upcoming production of Into the Woods. After a three year hiatus, the Northumberland Players are mounting another of one their iconic musicals at the Capitol Theatre, and for everyone involved it is like a dream come true. This show is classic musical from one of best composers and … Read More

A Harrowing and Joyous Experience

Catherine Holland is the Stage Manager for ‘Into the Woods’ Having the opportunity to work as stage manager on the Northumberland Players production of Into The Woods, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, has been a harrowing and joyous experience.   This is not your typical musical.  It is a musically complex show with powerful messages in a magical story line.  It is … Read More

Sondheim and You – It’s Complicated

Heather Jopling plays The Witch. I have never worked as hard on a role as I have for the Witch in Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. Before auditioning, I thought I was very familiar with the songs. I knew the notes. I could sing along with Bernadette Peters when we played the soundtrack in the car. The first time I tried … Read More

Behind the scenes with the youngest cast members of “Into the Woods”

Alexia Boyagian, a graduate of CCI, plays Little Red Riding Hood. Ethan Edwards, a grade 12 student at St. Mary’s, plays Jack (as in Jack and the Beanstalk). Jamie Raymond, a graduate of CCI, plays Cinderella.  When asked what the audience can look forward to from ‘Into the Woods’, the youngest cast members enthusiastically proclaim, “expect the unexpected.” It’s a … Read More

Sneak Peek of “Into the Woods”

Go behind the scenes at a rehearsal for Into the Woods to see how over 40 local actors, musicians, and crew are bringing Stephen Sondheim’s reimagining of classic fairytales to life! Into the Woods plays at Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre February 24 – March 5, 2023. Get your tickets today!