Clever, Funny, Unexpected… and Amazing

Northumberland News Review, May 2022 The craziness starts in Savannah in the juice bar of a yoga studio and ends on a hotel balcony. In between, four incomparable characters, drawn together by fate, do a lot of talking, sharing, comparing, reminiscing, wishing and bitching. And a lot of sipping.  First, we meet Savannah Sipper Randa (Kate Shuker), a tightly wound, … Read More

The Porches of Savannah

The setting for The Savannah Sipping Society is the veranda of a lovely historic home. These verandas are a part of the old-world elegance, beauty and southern charm of the area. Residents of Savannah have a penchant for designing their outdoor space to fit the spirit of get-togethers, dinner parties or even just for evenings of porch sittin’ and sweet … Read More

Community, Society, Family

The Savannah Sipping Society started out as a Players community theatre project bringing together a group of people, mainly women, eager to get back to the experience of live theatre and resume their pre-pandemic artistic pursuits. Instead what happened, and continues to happen, is the building of a society – a society of sisters. Like everyone through these trying times we … Read More