Clever, Funny, Unexpected… and Amazing

Northumberland News Review, May 2022 The craziness starts in Savannah in the juice bar of a yoga studio and ends on a hotel balcony. In between, four incomparable characters, drawn together by fate, do a lot of talking, sharing, comparing, reminiscing, wishing and bitching. And a lot of sipping.  First, we meet Savannah Sipper Randa (Kate Shuker), a tightly wound, … Read More

The Porches of Savannah

The setting for The Savannah Sipping Society is the veranda of a lovely historic home. These verandas are a part of the old-world elegance, beauty and southern charm of the area. Residents of Savannah have a penchant for designing their outdoor space to fit the spirit of get-togethers, dinner parties or even just for evenings of porch sittin’ and sweet … Read More

Community, Society, Family

The Savannah Sipping Society started out as a Players community theatre project bringing together a group of people, mainly women, eager to get back to the experience of live theatre and resume their pre-pandemic artistic pursuits. Instead what happened, and continues to happen, is the building of a society – a society of sisters. Like everyone through these trying times we … Read More

“We are cherishing every moment” – Emily & Josh Graham

We are truly enjoying working together on stage for the first time. Josh has never been in a show before and has always been Emily’s reading partner. But this time, he braved the audition process and has made Ben his own. We love working together and are having such fun with these characters and discovering the similarities between Sarah and … Read More

What “Lone Star” Has Meant to Me – Matt Blundell

Lone Star has been an incredible experience from beginning to end. When Jack first asked me to direct this as one of NP’s Pop-Up Theatre Projects, I was immediately intrigued at what the possibilities were for this show and what it could become. But I couldn’t even come close to imagining the level this show has been brought to life, … Read More

“The minute I got there – wham!!” – Jamie Hunt on playing Roy

It has been said that you never miss something until it’s gone.  Four years ago, I was tired of the process of theatre – the auditions, the rehearsals, the line runs, the time commitment. I still loved being on stage, but the steps in between had lost their magic.  When Northumberland Players decided to present summer theatre, I was reluctant to … Read More

“This has fed my soul” – Carol Beauchamp on “Laundry and Bourbon”

What a joy it has been to come together with these great ladies and once again bring to life a moving and funny script!      As a director, I truly didn’t realize how much I missed theatre until we started rehearsals. This experience with a talented and willing cast of terrific actors has fed my soul.  And not to forget … Read More

“Every Actor’s Dream” – Beth and Jamie Hunt on “Love Letters”

Beth & Jamie Hunt are one of the couples performing Love Letters as part of the Pop Up Theatre Project. We caught up with them about the show. Beth says, “after having spent twenty five years doing back to back shows, I decided to take a break in 2018, I just didn’t “love it” anymore. When COVID hit, the lockdowns … Read More

“Giving a piece of yourself… totally” – Lisa & Dan Kapp

After a 17 year hiatus, and working with a variety of theatre companies (including internationally), being on stage with the Northumberland Players feels like coming home. In 2005 we accepted teaching positions in Turkey and then landed in Toronto for 11 years before returning to Cobourg during retirement. We have grown a little wiser, a little greyer and a little … Read More