Would You Buy the Haunted Blithe Spirit Mansion?

The mansion that starred as Charles Condomine’s home in the film adaptation of Blithe Spirit could be yours, for the low price of €1.4M. Slaybrook Hall, on the outskirts of Saltwood, England, is purportedly haunted. Legend also has it that the knights who murdered Thomas Beckett hid out there after leaving Canterbury Cathedral. It’s said that Noël Coward visited Slaybrook … Read More

Madame Arcati: Colourful and Eccentric with a Storied History

The local medium, Madame Arcati is a true spiritualist who helps create the comedy laced throughout Blithe Spirit. Having been played by the likes of Angela Lansbury, Dame Judi Dench, and Geraldine Page (who was discovered to have passed away after she didn’t show up for two performances!), this is truly a coveted role. Our Madame Arcati will be played … Read More

Noël Coward’s “Improbable Farce”

“I will ever be grateful for the almost psychic gift that enabled me to write Blithe Spirit in five days during one of the darkest years of the war,” wrote Noël Coward. He wrote the play in 1941 at the height of the Second World War, but set it in 1937, before the British knew that their lives were about to … Read More

Have you ever been to a séance?

Séances were popular entertainment in the 1930s, and are a central theme of Blithe Spirit which opens September 20 at the Firehall Theatre.