Boeing, Boeing Won Theatre Ontario Festival

Fantastic news from the Theatre Ontario Festival in North Bay! Boeing, Boeing won the Elsie for Outstanding Festival Production and six more of the fourteen awards presented. Boeing, Boeing was this winter’s very funny and very successful dinner theatre. There were four companies competing and there were 14 Theatre Ontario Awards – Northumberland Players’ presentation of Boeing, Boeing took 7 of these awards. THE AWARDS Adjudicator’s Award – an … Read More

Dave Clark Has Dual Role as Writer/Director

Playwright Dave Clark says getting the ending right is the hardest part – the resolution of the key dramatic question is what makes or breaks a good story. And a good story, beautifully told, is what you will get from his new play, To Shut the Mouths of Lions, which premieres April 1 at the Firehall Theatre in Cobourg. This … Read More