Behind the scenes with the youngest cast members of “Into the Woods”

Jamie Raymond (Cinderella), Ethan Edwards (Jack), and Alexia Boyagian (Little Red Riding Hood)
Jamie Raymond (Cinderella), Ethan Edwards (Jack), and Alexia Boyagian (Little Red Riding Hood)

Alexia Boyagian, a graduate of CCI, plays Little Red Riding Hood.

Ethan Edwards, a grade 12 student at St. Mary’s, plays Jack (as in Jack and the Beanstalk).

Jamie Raymond, a graduate of CCI, plays Cinderella. 

When asked what the audience can look forward to from ‘Into the Woods’, the youngest cast members enthusiastically proclaim, “expect the unexpected.” It’s a mashup of the classic fairy tales, says Jamie, and flips what you would expect to happen.  There are many surprises notes Ethan, with Alexia adding that it’s about what goes on after the traditional fairy tale ends – after they’ve gotten their wish, or their prince charming explains Jamie. Expect a lot of twists and turns, sometimes it’s dark and scary and sometimes it’s funny and ridiculous. It has something for everyone adds Jamie, even a bit of romance.    

All three declare the characters are perfectly cast and performances terrific.  A favourite character of Ethan’s is the Baker, and he particularly enjoys the scene with the Family Steward.  Jamie is taken with the role of the Baker’s wife and one day hopes to play the part herself. Alexia appreciates the witch and the complexity of the relationship with her daughter Rapunzel, adding that all the women’s roles in this play are intricate and compelling. 

While Sondheim’s music is a challenge, they also find it very rewarding. A special favourite is the song “Your Fault”. Ethan notes that it is considered one of the most difficult songs in musical theatre but also one that’s so much fun to perform, “it is like singing an argument insanely fast”.  Jamie has also found it exciting to learn the ‘massive’ opening number where all the characters are introduced.  

This is the Player’s first musical after covid and Alexia, Ethan and Jamie feel very privileged to be part of this special production. They hope you enjoy the show!

‘Into the Woods’ plays at the Capitol Theatre February 24 – March 5, 2023.