Auditions: “Clue”

Northumberland Players Fall Dinner Theatre Running October 20 – November 5, 2023, directed by Matt Blundell

Auditions to take place at the Firehall Theatre, 213 Second Street Cobourg

Saturday June 3 – 2 p.m. 

Monday June 5 – 7 p.m. 

Callbacks on Tuesday June 6- 7 p.m.

Please note that there will be a table read in June, rehearsals will start on Tuesday August 15 and will run three days per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon.  Cast will be expected to do line work over the summer.

Please prepare a 1 minute Comedic monologue of your choice. A cold reading of selected scenes will also be required.  Auditions will be done in groups of four to six. 

Email advising your date of choice and an audition time will be assigned.


The classic board game is brought to life in Clue! Six guests are invited to a dinner party thrown by an anonymous host. They are given aliases–Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Miss Scarlet. Though discouraged from revealing personal information, it is soon discovered that all of them have fallen victim to the same blackmailer, their very host of the evening. Each is presented with a weapon and an option: pay their extortionist double, or kill an innocent butler. What follows is a madcap, slapstick evening full of murder, mystery, and laughs as they seek to puzzle out the culprit amongst criminals. 


WADSWORTH, a traditional British butler in every sense: uptight, formal and “by the book.” He is the driving force in the play.

YVETTE, a loyal and sexy French maid

MISS SCARLET, a dry, sardonic D.C. madam, more interested in secrets than men

MRS. PEACOCK, the wealthy wife of a senator. A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria

MRS. WHITE, a pale, morbid, and tragic woman. Mrs. White may or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands.

COLONEL MUSTARD, a puffy, pompous, dense, blowhard of a military man

PROFESSOR PLUM, an arrogant academic, easily impressed by himself

MR. GREEN, a timid yet officious rule follower. He’s awfully anxious


THE COOK,  gruff with a threatening presence

SINGING TELEGRAM GIRL, a tap dancer with a heart of gold

BACKUP COP, backup for the Chief in the very final Cop entrance

FEMALE SWING, as needed


MR. BODDY, a slick, Frank Sinatra, film noir-esque type fella

THE MOTORIST, a professional driver

CHIEF OF POLICE, a cop who helps us save the day


THE UNEXPECTED COP, a regular Joe. 

BACK UP COP, backup for the Chief

AUXILIARY MUSTARD, the back of Colonel Mustard during a scene of theatrical trickery

MALE SWING, as needed