Auditions: “A Night in Provence”

I see the play a fast paced comedy with some qualities of a farce. The couples are thrown into a wild experience when the Villa on the French Riviera is triple booked by accident. About 80 pages of fun with each couple sharing a more or less equal share of the script. 

I’m not going to try to pretend A Night in Provence is something it is not. As the director of the play, I can tell you it is a fun filled romp of crazy characters. It is described as a “comedy of manners”, but I see so many farcical elements that it exudes fast paced hilarity. This is a delicious and naughty dinner theatre entertainment at its best.

Cast Requirements

Three couples that can play 40s to 60s depending on how the couples match up age wise, I am flexible.  The Fresh couple could be younger than the other couples. The latter are friends.

No special prep but brush up on your British, French and Irish accents.


Cold read but I would really like to have people at the same audition. The second audition is for people who REALLY can’t make the first one and hopefully we can use it as a call back. 

Firehall Theatre, 2nd floor 
Saturday Jan. 7

All actors if possible: 
12:00 start (12:00 -1:30), reading in pairs

If you can’t make it: Tuesday Jan. 10  7:00pm

Thurs. Jan. 12   
Callbacks  7:00
Hopefully not needed.

Book an Audition/Questions

Please email, or call Jack Boyagian, Director, at 905-396-4481

Provide your name, experience and the date you prefer. If you are new to the Players a headshot would be great. Again please try for Saturday as this will replace a callback if we do it right. 

Show dates

April 27 – May 7
Best Western Dinner Theatre


Sunday 7-9:30
Tuesdays 7-9:30
Thursdays 7-9:30

Some flexibility with not all cast needed for all rehearsals.

Start Jan. 23.