Actors in Action: The Pop Up Theatre Project

This is a call for actors: Since we shut down operations in March due to Covid, the Players have had a very successful Summer Shorts virtual play festival. We have three shows that have been cast but these shows have been postponed and the plan is to start these in March, April and June 2021. Because of the uncertainty of the protocols and government regulations the waiting game continues. Because large shows require 3 months of preparation and rehearsal, it is necessary to “pivot” and mount small shows that are easily mounted and can “pop up”. The plan is to use large venues with small audiences in order to follow social distancing regulations or to eventually do some outdoor shows.

These projects will be dramatic play readings, radio shows and one act plays with minimal sets. Production and rehearsal periods will range between 3-6 weeks hopefully for December 2020 to March 2021. The first pop up series will aim for 4 titles each with a run of 4 to 6 shows. All safety protocols will be followed. Readings may include 6 actors at individual mics 6 ft apart with barriers. The one acts will require actors in the same household or bubble. Probably two- or three-handers. Obviously husband and wife teams, father and daughters and sons and mothers, brother and sister etc. are what we will be casting. Even in these conditions, physical contacts will be limited, especially if actors don’t live in the same household. More on this later once we choose actors.

Process for choosing actors:

At this time send your name to artistic director Jack Boyagian. The audition process will be simple for most. If you have acted for the Players in recent times and the directors know you then they will have a reference. If you sent a self tape for the summer shorts then directors may access them. If you have never acted for the Players then you will be asked to send a picture, and a self tape or may be asked to do a zoom audition.  At this time just send me your name.

Rehearsals will be held at the Firehall with minimal production crew and all safety precautions will take place.


The runs will consist of 4-6 shows. The goal is to sell a package of 4 titles and to keep the 40 people in the audience together for the purpose of contact information. So a title with a run of 4 shows will have 160 people max. 40 for each show and the same people for the other 3 titles. Again the safety of the patrons and actors and production crew is paramount.

Final note to actors

We ask for actors to be flexible. Your entire run may be cancelled after 6 rehearsals but then “pop up” on another date. The whole point of this is to keep actors engaged and give our patrons a little bit of theatre. We are hoping we can do a reading for Christmas. Once I have names we will cast the first show and it is up to you to say yes or decline. You will be kept on the list for future shows. 

Please send in your name by midnight Nov. 16. You will then be sent more details.