“A Fresh Perspective of Motherhood’s Ever-Changing Emotional Journey” – Val Russell

“Twenty plus years ago I had the privilege of producing two original shows for Heather Jopling; ‘How to Leave Adolescence at 30’, and ‘More Work Than a Puppy’, (the second show twice). Each included female Players of all ages and sizes playing a variety of roles, sharing different perspectives on womanhood.

The cast Life Monologues, which was presented alongside How to Leave Adolescence at 30

“‘Adolescence’ wasn’t like anything we’d staged before, and I was drawn to Heather’s relatable and original voice when I read it. I laughed and cried and *felt all the feels* in this kind of ‘coming of age’ piece, and again a few years later with ‘Puppy’, which picks up where the first left off in the journey of parenthood.

Heather Jopling with Willow from More Work than a Puppy (2005)

“Throughout these hilarious shows about birthing children and raising children, bodies and relationships changing (for better or worse) and…..sex, we could all identify with some part of what she expressed. And by ‘we’ I mean new moms, those reminiscing about raising toddlers and teens, even our partners who were along for the ride while we navigated it all. We laughed A LOT as every piece reminded us of our own experiences and….hormones.

“‘Void? What Void?’ will revive similar memories. It reminded me of what it was like twenty-odd years later when my children grew up and moved out, and left me brainstorming on what to tackle next and how I fit into their lives as adults. This will surely be an evening of laughing (and maybe some crying) while Heather brings her fresh perspective on motherhood’s ever-changing emotional journey.”

– Val Russell

Void? What Void? (Diary of an Empty Nester) plays at the Firehall Theatre April 5 – 14, 2024.