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Summer is almost here, and so are summer theatre camps!

Learn, laugh, and build confidence through theatre. With options for kids ages 6 to 16 – including two Laugh More! Worry Less! comedy camps in partnership with Stand UP for Student Well-Being – we promise days packed with fun, games and activities chosen to focus and teach stage skills needed for stage performance as well as everyday life.

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We are your community theatre, defined less by geographic boundaries than a passion for the performing arts. We are a destination where you can share the magic of live theatre with your family and friends from near and far.


We're Back!

All My Sons

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The Honky Tonk Angels

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You Will Remember Me

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Workshop: Scene Study By Melody Johnson

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Workshop: Stage Management

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Or should I say, “We’re back AGAIN.” There is a saying in theatre, “Hurry up and wait.” Since last summer The Northumberland Players have done exactly that.

Our volunteers performed 28 shows outdoors in the summer, in collaboration with the Town of Cobourg and the Cobourg Yacht Club, after taking a leap of faith that things might open up by July.

We prepared our summer camp with the hope that indoor capacities would change and over 70 kids had a camp.

We prepared a dinner theatre anticipating the capacities would increase for indoor events and kept our fingers crossed that indoor dining would happen, and in October it did.

Our final leap of faith was that regulations would allow singing indoors and would make it possible to have a Christmas Concert and the change came just in time.  We approached the Town to open up the Concert Hall earlier than planned, gathered incredible talent and celebrated with a much needed Christmas event with three amazing concerts in the Victoria Hall Concert Hall.

When The Savannah Sipping Society was weeks from opening in January at the Best Western Plus dinner theatre, another shutdown hit. The show was postponed and the cast and crew rehearsed following the strict safety guidelines. 

Meanwhile, we have made our facilities safer by purchasing hospital grade air scrubbers and equipment to sanitize hands and the building. We are poised to make our venues safe and comfortable.

So… We’re Back! All of our shows have been scheduled to new dates. The Savannah Sipping Society opens at the Best Western Plus on April 29. After a two year wait, the classic play All My Sons opens at the Firehall Theatre on May 27.

Registration for Summer Camp just opened online to give our kids something to look forward to. As an homage to the great Stephen Sondheim, a special concert Side by Side by Sondheim at The Victoria Hall Concert Hall opens June 10. 

Honky Tonk Angelsa country musical comedy, opens October 21 at the Best Western Plus dinner theatre venue and You Will Remember Me, a great Canadian drama starts Nov. 11. Another Christmas Concert is planned for December. Our Youth theatre continues to plan activities. 

Where do we go from here? Forward! Until we can’t go forward and we pivot, guided by our inertia of passion and hope. Our volunteers are painting, building, planning, rehearsing and preparing for shows they believe will happen.

The Northumberland Players are blessed with the most determined and flexible volunteers in the theatre business. We are driven by our love of theatre and the stories this great art shares, to entertain and to change lives. We value the importance of gathering as a community in these challenging times. We thank our patrons for hurrying up and waiting with us. So yes, “we’re back,” but in reality we didn’t go anywhere.

Jack Boyagian, Artistic Director

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Join us! Come to an audition, attend a workshop, help build a set, sew a costume, pick up a paintbrush, play in the orchestra... our community theatre company is a welcoming place for all, and we cannot imagine the Northumberland Players without you!

  • Open to everyone
  • No experience needed
  • Non-equity, non-paying company
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  • Join a team of 300+ volunteers
  • Learn new skills
  • No experience needed
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  • We are loyal to our sponsors
  • Give back to your community
  • Great bang for your marketing buck
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  • Learn, improve, or master a skill
  • Experienced instructors
  • Relevant to season shows
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